Te Pūkenga launches consultation on proposed new model

June 8, 2023 | 2 min read

Te Pūkenga will next week begin consultation as part of the next phase of its Organisational Design and Change Programme.

"Aptly named 'Tāraia te anamata | Creating our futures', this consultation is a significant milestone for Te Pūkenga as we continue to build our new education and training organisation and give life to our operating model. These proposals will bring us closer to becoming a unified organisation committed to being agile, equitable, and responsive at regional and local levels, meeting the evolving needs of ākonga, employers and our communities across Aotearoa New Zealand," Chief Executive Peter Winder says.

"As the country's largest tertiary education and training provider, we are critical to addressing national skills shortages and supporting thriving regions and communities. Getting this right is essential."

Details of the proposals will be released next week. Kaimahi (staff) will be invited to provide feedback during the five-week consultation period, with final decisions expected in August.

The consultation marks the next step towards the completion and implementation of Te Pūkenga’s operating model. This has included bringing together 25 previous institutes of technology and polytechnics and industry training organisations, commencing programme unification, as well as the ability for students to transition between on campus, online and on-the-job learning. The organisation is also advancing its digital strategy - integrating 25 legacy finance systems, Learning Management, Student Management, and HRIA Payroll Systems.

"This transition is significant. We are seeing early gains for learners and employers in being able to offer the resources of a single national organisation, high quality new qualifications in areas such as accountancy, and targeted mentoring and training programmes," Mr Winder says.

Te Pūkenga remains committed to the ongoing success of all ākonga (learners) during the consultation period, he says. Te Pūkenga supports some 250,000 learners and people in work training, and 10,000 kaimahi.