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Your programme of study or training will continue as planned while we work through changes directed by the new government. We are committed to ensuring that organisational changes made to meet the Government’s expectations do not impact the delivery of our programmes and training for our learners and employers. If you need access to learner support services, or have any questions, please contact your current learning provider.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the Government’s disestablishment of Te Pūkenga mean for my learning?

It is business as usual. As a learner, you will still be able to complete your programme of study through your chosen provider. Support services will stay the same, fees will stay the same and your relationships with organisations such as StudyLink will stay the same.


You will also be able to enrol in another course if you wish, including courses that last for more than one year.

What will I graduate with? What will it say on my certificate, diploma or degree?

In 2024, your qualification will be co-branded with Te Pūkenga and the institution with which you began your learning journey. Your qualification will be valid and recognised by employers.

How will the changes affect international learners?

For domestic and international students who enrol with a Te Pūkenga business division in 2024, the future entity that replaces Te Pūkenga will honour this education arrangement, and you can enrol with confidence.

How will the disestablishment affect employers in the future?

We continue to work toward customising solutions that meet individual business needs. This includes products, support options and learning tools to support you to train your people.


Apprenticeships and on-the-job training continue to be a priority. Multi-modal/flexible learning allow us to address real-life industry problems in our academic curriculum. Employers and industry are partners in delivering a quality learning experience valued by all.


More than half of Te Pūkenga ākonga (learners) are in work-based learning. Industry is critical to our vocational education system and collaboration with industry is important to us.


We've compiled a full list of frequently asked questionsreceived from learners, employers, partners and the public.