Staff voices shared during Te Pūkenga journey


Staff voices shared during Te Pūkenga journey

November 24, 2020 | 2 min read

The intention is to allow Chief Executive Stephen Town, and the Te Pūkenga leadership team, to receive direct feedback from staff about how they are feeling as we collectively look, and work, towards the future.

Stephen explains, “Aromātai Kaimahi will help us gain valuable insight now and at regular intervals over the next couple of years into what staff in the subsidiary network need, and how they feel, as we progress our transformation. There are over 8,000 staff across our subsidiary network who will all have different experiences. It is important they all have an opportunity to regularly share their views.”

Te Pūkenga has contracted New Zealand based company, AskYourTeam, to facilitate Aromātai Kaimahi. The initial survey was open for two weeks recently and 53% of staff from across the network provided their feedback.

“We were pleased to have a good representation of staff from across the network providing their feedback through Aromātai Kaimahi. From the responses, it was clear that a majority of respondents have a desire, and understand the need, for change to the sector. This is a really pleasing position and great to have this confirmed as we look back at the many conversations and activities across the country in 2020.

“The areas where we achieved slightly lower scores related to personal understanding of the impact of potential changes and what might happen in the coming years. This is the area we intend to focus on next, particularly now we have selected a co-design partner to progress our operating model and our transformation work will intensify.

“We’re still in the early stages of a significant journey which Te Pūkenga and our broader network are working through together. It’s really important that we understand how staff are feeling and these initial results provide a strong benchmark which we can learn from and build on.”

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