Te Pūkenga Policies

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Our policies help our people, our learners, the employers we work with, the companies who supply us and our stakeholders understand what they can expect of us, and what we can appropriately expect of them.

The policies and procedures applied by Te Pūkenga are being continuously reviewed and amended as we move through the transition period and evolve to supporting a unified national network.

This website may not have the most up to date policies and procedures so please reach out to a representative of Te Pūkenga before relying on a particular policy to ensure you are referring to the most recent version.

National policies and procedures that support transition

National policies

These policies apply to all people employed by Te Pūkenga and are in effect from the date of each policy.  

Central function policies

These policies apply to people who work in the central function (sometimes referred to as ‘head office’) of Te Pūkenga.

Employment and HR



Te Pūkenga Publications

Te Pūkenga Publications

View all of our legal framework and our corporate documents.