Programme redevelopments and unification

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redesign how we deliver vocational education and training across Aotearoa. Learn more about our programme redevelopment and unification plans.

Currently, Te Pūkenga delivers over 2,000 programmes across the country to more than 200,000 ākonga. Our goal is to develop a unified, sustainable, public network of regionally accessible vocational education programmes that have our ākonga at the centre. 

Unifying programmes

Within Te Pūkenga network partners (institutes of technology and polytechnics, and transitional industry training organisations), there are many qualifications that currently have multiple programmes structured and delivered in various ways.

Te Pūkenga is working collaboratively to develop one ‘unified’ programme for each qualification that will support integrated delivery. The goal is that ākonga will be able to seamlessly transition through learning and employment in a multitude of contexts. 

We are developing a portfolio of integrated programmes and delivery approaches, moving away from the previous environment of duplication of programme development, non-integrated models of campus based, work based, and distance mode of delivery models, and excessive competition for enrolment of the same ākonga.   

We will work collaboratively with input from across Te Pūkenga network and the sector to make this a success.