Te Pūkenga International

Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tīna — Seek to bring distant horizons closer and sustain and maintain those that have arrived.

Stronger together, globally

In line with Te Pūkenga Charter and giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership and equity outcomes, we are bringing together New Zealand’s Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations from across the country into one national network. 

With this change, we have the opportunity to work with our partners to develop a unified International Education Strategy that supports a high-quality, sustainable education offering focused on ākonga (learner) experience and wellbeing. 

This strategy aims to create a high-value future for ākonga (learners) and Aotearoa New Zealand through outstanding international education and global connectedness.

Creating truly global citizens

Te Pūkenga has the size, scale, skills and expertise to deliver world-class applied and vocational higher education and training to international ākonga (learners) both onshore and offshore. 

For Te Pūkenga, we’re about much more than bringing international ākonga (learners) to Aotearoa New Zealand to study. We’re about creating a high value future for global ākonga (learners) by providing excellent education outcomes and improving our international connectedness. It’s about sharing our unique bicultural nation with others – and giving us the opportunity to experience theirs. 

Te Pūkenga will create truly global citizens — with the future-focused knowledge, skills and cultural competence they will need to succeed anywhere in the world.


International Education Strategy 2022-2032

Developed in 2021, Te Pūkenga International Education Strategy outlines the vision and strategy for utilising size, scale, skills and expertise of Te Pūkenga to deliver world-class applied and vocational higher education and training to international ākonga both on and off-shore.

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International Study Guide

See the link to Te Pūkenga International Study Guide 2024

The strategic focus for our international learners

Our International Education Strategy as five key goals:

  1. Global ākonga

    Provide an outstanding learning experience to develop highly-skilled and culturally conscious global ākonga (learners) who are sought after by employers.

  2. Aotearoa New Zealand community

    Add environmental, social, cultural, and economic value to Aotearoa New Zealand communities – both regionally and nationally.

  3. Employers

    Provide globally-employable graduates with the skills, knowledge and cultural competencies demanded by employers.

  4. Strategic partnerships

    Be internationally recognised as the preferred partner institution by governments, employers, education institutions, Te Tiriti o Waitangi partners, ākonga and communities.

  5. Mana Orite Te Tiriti partnerships and equity

    Give expression to Te Pae Tawhiti through the establishment of demonstrable Tiriti o Waitangi partnerships; and inclusivity and equity for Māori.