Build capability

Bring in the skills you need

Your business depends on the skills of your people. Te Pūkenga can help you turn talent into capability with on-job training and learning options to suit your business needs.

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We are in a new era of change and an adaptable workforce is the best asset you can have. The right capability can open up massive opportunities for your business. You may already have ambitious plans. So how do you build capability? By giving staff the opportunity to turn hidden talents into new skills.

Supporting your employees through an apprentice or traineeship and their qualification or training programme gives you confidence in their ability and will help your business grow through the development of a skilled and qualified workforce.

Te Pūkenga is here to help; we can connect you with a training partner in Aotearoa New Zealand industry.

We work with employers and 200,000 learners around New Zealand each year. We offer learning environments that revolve around the needs of your business and your employees.

How to develop your workforce

When you look to develop your workforce you have a range of options to choose from, depending on your business model, industry needs and financial situation. Regardless of how you choose to develop your workforce, there are some key benefits.

  • Grow your business with a qualified workforce
  • Up-skill and re-skill your best people
  • Develop talent that matches your needs
  • See a value return that outweighs the cost
  • Lower your recruitment costs and maximise your profit
  • Train on the job to minimise disruption and maximise impact
Upskill your staff

Upskill your staff

Get your people up to speed with us, New Zealand's largest on-job training provider.

Build capability and uncover talent to boost your business

Training designed for your business

If you’re looking to build your team’s skills, we can help. We can spot the talent you already have or find you new learners. We can customise a training plan that meets the needs of your business and support your teams to get nationally recognised qualifications.

Re-skill, up-skill or new skills?

The people your business needs for the future could be out there, waiting for you to meet them and train them. Or they might already be in your business, wanting to pursue new opportunities. Either way, our training programmes help your employees gain the skills they need to work productively and safely.

Training options available range from:

  • short online courses
  • longer introductory programmes
  • full qualification training programmes or apprenticeships

These options are flexible, designed to work for you and your business, and can be crafted to create your own in-house career pathway.

But what they are ultimately bringing to your business is potential.

How we work with you

Building a business plan to suit your business. Our front-line teams work with you to understand your business and the skills you need for success.

After this needs analysis, we design a tailored workforce training and development plan with you to help your employees gain those skills. Most of this learning takes place on the job.

We support your employees as they learn with purpose

There are three parties to a New Zealand Apprenticeship or Certificate - the employee, the employer, and a work based learning subsidiary. Each party has unique responsibilities. The employee is expected to work and learn.

The employer is expected to train and support their employee. Our responsibility, as a training specialist, is to facilitate the training and support both you and your employee throughout their training.

Read more about the responsibilities of each party in Code of Good Practice for New Zealand Apprenticeships.


Training and wage subsidies

Take advantage of training and wage subsidies that can make a difference to your bottom line.

Training and wage subsidies

Find an apprentice or trainee

We can help you find your next apprentice or trainee, matching potential employees with specific job listings an industries.