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Te Pae Māhutonga is the name for a health promotion model created by Sir Mason Durie in 1999. Using it as a guide will help you explore your health and maintain or grow your wellbeing, both as you learn and in your everyday life. 

Sir Mason named this model after the constellation of stars Te Pae Māhutonga, also known as the Southern Cross. The constellation has been used for a long time as a tool for navigation, with four central stars and two pointers. Each whetū in the constellation relates to a different aspect of your wellbeing.

Mauri ora | cultural identity
Waiora | physical environment
Toiora | healthy lifestyles
Te Oranga | participation in society
Ngā Manukura | leadership 
Te Mana Whakahaere | autonomy

We know we can learn and work best when these different areas of our oranga (health) are supported.

Some of them may be stronger than others at different times – you may need awhi, guidance or simply time to explore different aspects of Te Pae Māhutonga throughout your journey and at different times of your life. Kei te pai tēnā, and that’s all good. Te Pae Māhutonga can help guide you find what works for you, and what’s right for you and your whānau. 

Me ko toiora koe, ko tū toiora hoki tō whare.

If you are well, your house will be well also.

Te Pae Māhutonga and your wellbeing

By becoming more familiar with these different areas of your wellbeing, you can better understand how you do or can interact with your environment, your whānau, actively improve your health, and learn in more meaningful ways. 

We all have different needs, priorities and aspirations, and these can change as you go! The great thing is, Te Pae Māhutonga can work for us all along the way.

No matter who you are, or where you are from, it is always there in the sky,  connecting us to our environment and each other. 

Ko Te Pae Māhutonga ki te rangi, ko tātou ki te whenua.

Knowing where Te Pae Māhutonga is, tells us where we are.