Third Aromātai Kaimahi network survey launches


Third Aromātai Kaimahi network survey launches

February 2, 2022 | 3 min read

Held every six months, Aromātai Kaimahi gives permanent and fixed term ITP people in the network the opportunity to tell Te Pūkenga how they’re thinking and feeling, including what’s working well and where improvements must be focused on to support a successful transition.

The questions continue to centre around wellbeing, change support, and the transition to Te Pūkenga as a single provider for vocational and on-the-job learning from 1 January 2023.

“The mahi we’re doing is wide-reaching and involves transformational changes that will touch everyone in the network,” says Vaughan Payne, Deputy Chief Executive Operations.

“With nearly 10,000 employees across the motu, Aromātai Kaimahi is a great way for us to continue checking in with the network and see how we can support them now and through to 1 January 2023 and beyond.

“Most importantly, we want people to be open and honest about how we’re doing,” says Vaughan. “Our subsidiaries are at the forefront of this change and have valuable insights to share about how we can continuously improve and grow in a way that aligns with our values."

“We were pleased to hear from over 4,500 employees in May 2021, which was around 52% of the network at the time, and we hope to see a similar or better participation rate this round.”

Results from the second Aromātai Kaimahi survey were shared with the network in July, with Te Pūkenga leaders agreeing three key actions to focus on:

  1. Develop a framework for a network well-being programme with a project group from across the network.
  2. Develop a programme in support of “leading ourselves and others through change”
  3. Continue communicating in ways that promote understanding of the change and engagement plan together with timelines.

We have worked closely with the network to unpack the feedback, gain further insight and explore solutions which best meet our diverse needs, with our People and Culture leads across the network actively involved. As we start 2022, we look forward to leading out on initiatives targeted to these action areas in the coming months.

We have also heard people want more clarity on what the future will look like. In late 2021, Te Pūkenga completed a first round of engagement on the proposed Operating Model for the network, which provides a high-level of the functions and services needed to create the future experience for learners, their whānau and employers. Analysis of the feedback has been completed and themes were shared with the network late last year. More information will be shared in Kōtui Kōrero next week.

Aromātai Kaimahi will run from Wednesday 2 February and closes at 5pm on Wednesday 23 February. Employees will receive an email today with a unique link to complete the survey via AskYourTeam.