New Disputes Resolution provider for domestic learners

The Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution (TEDR) has recently been appointed by the Minister for Education.

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The Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution (TEDR) has recently been appointed by the Minister for Education as the provider of the tertiary education domestic disputes resolution scheme. 

TEDR provides a free, independent service, impartially assisting domestic learners and education providers to resolve contractual and financial disputes.  
Learners must first go through their own education or training providers’ internal resolution process, but if they are not satisfied with the outcome, they can subsequently contact TEDR for further resolution support. The organisation seeks to work through disagreements through consensus – using a ‘talk, meet, resolve’ process. When required, TEDR can appoint an independent decision maker. 
Since 1 January 2022, all providers who enrol learners are required to comply with NZQA’s Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. The new Code is designed to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of domestic and international learners is central to the systems and day-to-day practices of tertiary organisations.  
The Code goes well beyond health and safety compliance, taking a holistic view of wellbeing as the foundation of learner success. This includes prioritising learner voice and actively working to achieve more equitable outcomes for all learners, particularly for under-served Māori, Pacific and disabled learners.  
Te Pūkenga is actively involved in making sure that its subsidiary network, learners, employers and other stakeholders have a clear understanding of the Pastoral Care Code and the supporting processes in which they can engage. 
The complaints process and provider for International Students remains unchanged.