Te Turuturu provides opportunities to connect with Partnerships and Equity mahi


Te Turuturu provides opportunities to connect with Partnerships and Equity mahi

Haratua 9, 2021 | 3 min read

Deputy Chief Executive Partnerships and Equity Ana Morrison and her team will host the virtual sessions where key topics of interest – related to PAE – are the focus. The first hui is this Thursday 12 May from 1pm.

Each hui will run for an hour and will begin with a brief update on a specific PAE programme of work. This will be followed by an open floor where anyone who attends is welcome to ask questions.

The format will be informal, enabling attendees to join or leave the space whenever they need to do so. These sessions will run on MS Teams, which limits attendees to 250.

Te Rā
Thurs 12 Haratua | May 
1pm – 2pm
Te Pae Tawhiti: Te Tiriti o Waitangi Excellence Framework

Ana Morrison, Deputy CE  
Janine Kapa, Kaikōkiri (Director), Te Pae Tawhiti 


Tues 31 Haratua | May 
11am – 12pm
Taonga Māori Project 

Ana Morrison, Deputy CE 
Kieran Hewitson, Kaikōkiri (Director), Tiriti Practice 


Wed 22 Pipiri | June  
10am – 11am

Ana Morrison, Deputy CE 
Colin Tuaa, Kaikōkiri (Director), Equity 
Sonya Bishara, Kaikōkiri (Director), WBL 
Sonia Hawkins, Strategic Advisor 


Tues 2 Hereturikōkā | August
9am - 10am 
Māori Cultural Capability 

Ana Morrison, Deputy CE 
Janine Kapa, Kaikōkiri (Director), Te Pae Tawhiti  
Aniwairua Komarkowski-Chapman, Kaitohutohu, Māori Capability Development 


Thurs 25 Hereturikōkā | August 
12pm – 1pm




Wed 14 Mahuru | September 
2pm – 3pm 


Te Wiki o te Reo Māori special 


Amomai Pihama, Mataia Keepa and Aniwairua Komarkowski-Chapman. 

For a summary of the PAE presentations as well as the questions and answers for each Te Turuturu session, click here: Te Turuturu 2022

Where does ‘Te Turuturu’ come from?

Turuturu were pegs that were used by weavers to keep the garment they were working on in place or in a particular position as they progressed their mahi.

Those who passed by could view the garment in development and potentially witness the weaver at work and engage in conversation around the mahi with those involved.

The PAE team encourages network members to view and discuss the mahi being progressed by the team. Dates, times and access details for each session will be shared and promoted to the network members.