Aromātai Kaimahi


Aromātai Kaimahi

Haratua 19, 2021 | 3 min read

This week Te Pūkenga launched the second Aromātai Kaimahi staff survey for all permanent and fixed term staff across the network.

The survey is an opportunity to check in with around 8,000 employees about how they feel the transition is going.  

Te Pūkenga Chief Executive Stephen Town said over time this data will give him, and his leadership team, information to shape our work going forward. 

“The success of Te Pūkenga comes down to people. Regularly checking in with those closest to this transformation means we have a regular temperature check of how we’re getting on. 

“It means we can adjust our communications, our engagement, our work and the support we provide to our people as we go through this change. 

“We want staff to be open and honest about how we’re doing. They are closer to this transformation than most and they have valuable insights into the system,” he said. 

The survey reflects the one conducted in October 2020 so that the results can be tracked over time. New Zealand-based company AskYourTeam has been contracted to facilitate Aromātai Kaimahi. 

“We’ll be able to look at the insights that emerge and see how they have changed since October. We will share the results with our Te Pūkenga whānau across the network, and they’ll be able to see, at an organization level, how their people are feeling,” Stephen said. 

“There’s nothing more important than our people – and knowing how they are feeling throughout this journey will help us as we move through it. 

As well as providing feedback through Aromātai Kaimahi, staff will continue to have opportunities to talk about how things are going, including the Kōtui kōrero – a conversation with Te Pūkenga that is around the country starting in June.  

We look forward to including staff from Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) if and when their subsidiary transitions into the new work-based subsidiary. 

The survey is open to all permanent and fixed term staff from the 16 subsidiary organisations who were employed on 30 April 2021. The survey will run from Monday 17 May to 5pm Friday 28 May 2021.