Ā mātou uara, a closer look at our values, guiding Te Pūkenga


Ā mātou uara, a closer look at our values, guiding Te Pūkenga

Huitanguru 8, 2022 | 2 min read

Our updated values focus on our vision from a te ao Māori worldview

Some of the members that make up Te Pūkenga Ohu Reo Me Ngā Tikanga including Amomai Pihama, Mataia Keepa and Rangi Mātāmua have taken the essence of our vision and values and created simple and meaningful rerenga (phrases) that speaks to who we are as an organisation.

Our Values 

Manawa nui | We reach out and welcome in
Manawa roa | We learn and achieve together

Manawa ora | We strengthen and grow the whole person

By authoring our own whakatauākī (proverb) that captures the essence of our vision ‘whakairohia he toki, tāraia te anamata’ we are incorporating Tirohanga Māori (Māori worldview thinking) into our mahi, which also aligns with the whakapapa of our name. We have taken the same approach in solidifying our values.

These values are integral to Te Pukenga and the mahi we do, they also provide our current kaimahi (staff) a sense of unity of purpose as we continue to build our oranisational culture together. Several subsidiaries have also taken steps to align their values to these, but this isn’t to say that we all have to do the same, we acknowledge that just as our values are important to our team, we respect your established values being part of your subsidiary as well.

We have created a video demonstrating what the values mean for us at Te Pūkenga.