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Ngā Manukura — having leadership that upholds the interests and welfare of all 

Ngā Manukura is not only about looking to leaders who work for and reflect you and your community, it is also about being a leader who contributes to the collective. Ngā Manukura shines brightest when there is collaboration and nurtured relationships.

Ways to connect to this whetū

  • Celebrate leaders within your whānau and community. Leaders don’t always have fancy titles, they are often those who just get on with the work, set a good example and value the people around them. 
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to help others or step into a leadership role at Te Pūkenga or in your workplace – whether it relates to wellbeing, culture, learning or something else, everyone has unique strengths to offer and valuable things to contribute.
Nga Manukura Feature Joy

“When I think of how I hope to lead my own life, the values of tika and pono are important. The ability to stand firm to decisions being made, to be honest and truthful, builds a community of trust that supports the holistic wellbeing of all people.”

Joy - Counsellor Māori

Explore each whetū of Te Pae Māhutonga

Mauri ora | cultural identity
Waiora | physical environment
Toiora | healthy lifestyles
Te Oranga | participation in society
Ngā Manukura | leadership 
Te Mana Whakahaere | autonomy


Knowing where Te Pae Māhutonga is, tells us where we are. We can learn and work best when these different areas of our oranga (health) are supported. Some of them may be stronger than others at different times – you may need awhi, guidance or simply time to explore different aspects of Te Pae Māhutonga throughout your journey and at different times of your life.

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