Fashion degree leads to top design label


Fashion degree leads to top design label

Kohitātea 24, 2020 | 1 min read

Soohee has worked for iconic Kiwi label Nom*D on their last three collections, which gave her the chance to apply the knowledge she gained on her Bachelor of Design (Fashion) course to the practical environment of a design house workroom.

Despite a long-time interest in fashion, Soohee had no formal training in design before coming to New Zealand.

“I thought this course would provide the essential foundation for my career as a fashion designer - and I was right!” she says.

You get to understand the nature of the fashion industry, and learn to develop your own designs as a creative individual through the course.

A highlight of the programme was the graduation collection that students create at the end of their final year.

“It is the pinnacle of your learning, and represents who you are as an emerging designer,” says Soohee.

“You are given total freedom over your creation, and it is thrilling to be able to promote your name on your own work.”

Soohee’s goal is to launch her own fashion label.