Embedding the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Ākonga) Code of Practice 2021 (Code)

The Code is administered and monitored by NZQA and supports the wellbeing of all tertiary and international learners, including work-based learners, by setting out everything we must do to ensure the wellbeing and safety of ākonga.  

The Code is a key tool we are using to make sure ākonga are at the centre of everything we do. 

We have a significant work programme underway that will see the Code embedded in our systems, processes and day-to-day mahi. In 2023 we’re focusing on: 

  • Building the structures and supports to better engage with ākonga and have them involved in our decision making. 
  • Submit our first Te Pūkenga wide self-review of our compliance to the code. 
  • Building kaimahi capability so we all know and understand the Code and what it means to us both as an organisation and in our day-to-day mahi. 

Pastoral Code Framework

We’ve developed a framework that outlines the six strategic shifts we are making as an organisation to comply with the code.  

The Framework provides a structure that allows for diversity in services and support for ākonga, as well as promoting the aspirational nature of the Code. 

We’ll use the Framework and our annual self-review to identify which areas we need to focus on each year to increase our Code compliance and improve ākonga wellbeing and safety. 

Self-review and attestation  

We’re currently working on our self-review and attestation of how well we are tracking to the Code.  

This is the first time this level of information and data has been shared across Te Pūkenga. It has required creativity and agility to adapt existing tools into a single system that all Te Pūkenga business divisions can feed into.   

The insights gathered will be used to further develop our pastoral practices.  

The Code supports Te Pūkenga mahi 

The Code will help strengthen support us to meet our Te Pūkenga Charter, Te Pae Tāwhiti and Te Rito Outcomes Framework, and reflects many of our learner-centred priorities outlined within the Minister’s letter of expectation. 


Pastoral Care Code Resources 

Pastoral Care Policy

Pastoral Code Framework