Te Turuturu

Connect with the academic delivery and innovation mahi

Female hands weaving coloured flax

The Academic Delivery and Innovation (ADI) team is keen to provide regular opportunities for the network to connect and discuss mahi underway across the motu. A series of online hui, Te Turuturu, will be open for all network members to join. 

  • Each hui will run for 30 minutes and will begin with a brief update on a nominated programme of work. This will be followed by an open floor where anyone who attends is welcome to ask questions
  • Deputy Chief Executive Academic Delivery and Innovation Angela Beaton and team members who are leading workstream mahi will lead the hui. The format will be very informal, enabling attendees to join or leave the space whenever they need to do so
  • These sessions will be run on MS Teams, which puts a 250-person limit on attendees

Previous sessions held in 2022

Date and time Updated on Hosted by
17 March, 3:30pm Programme Unification Angela, Julie
15 April, 1pm Whiria Te Pūkenga (te reo Māori and English) Angela, Layelin, Ben
28 April, 12pm Academic Regulatory Framework Angela, Fionna, Julia
18 May, 9:30am Ako Networks and Frameworks Angela, Richard, Layelin
13 June, 3pm WDC and TEC Engagement Angela, Patrick, Nick

Where does ‘Te Turuturu’ come from?

Turuturu were pegs that were used by weavers to keep the garment they were working on in place or in a particular position as they progressed their mahi. Those who passed by could view the garment in development and potentially witness the weaver at work and engage in conversation around the mahi with those involved. The ADI team welcomes members of the network to attend these times to discuss the work being progressed by the network. The desire with this series is to support activity to progress with a transparent approach.