Te Pūkenga Business Divisions have worked collaboratively to develop a unified programme of study for the 4389 New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Level 6) - Companion Animal Veterinary Nursing strand. 

The unified programme of study will be delivered by Te Pūkenga Business Divisions that currently offer this qualification from 2024, subject to approval and accreditation.    

We want to ensure the unified programme of study will work for all our current and future ākonga, partners and communities. Therefore, during this consultation phase, we are inviting you to provide feedback on the draft programme documentation linked below. 

Te Pūkenga New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Level 6) Programme Consultation: 

Te Pūkenga is now consulting on our programme that has been developed to meet the proposed qualification requirements. 

 Please provide your feedback via the forms linked below by 12.00 midday Wednesday 14 June 2023. 


Additional Information: 

Te Pūkenga undertook a consultation process for this programme in 2022.  Feedback from this consultation indicated that the qualification written by Muka Tangata Workforce Development Council required a review. Muka Tangata are currently reviewing the qualification and seeking feedback from industry through their own consultation process (please contact Muka Tangata if you wish to provide feedback). A copy of the proposed qualification is available in Appendix 1 of the programme document.


Key aspects reviewed in the qualification: 

  1. The site of practicum hours.  
    These are to be completed in a suitable animal healthcare environment that allows the learner to develop knowledge and skills that align with the graduate outcomes. This may include veterinary clinics, providing healthcare services or an alternative environment where learners are able to apply the intention of the outcomes. 
  2. Practicum Hours 
    The new qualification requires increased practicum hours from 480 to a minimum of 750 hours. 
  3. Stand-alone Qualification 
    The New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Level 6) qualification is now a 240-credit stand-alone qualification, whereas previously it was made up of two 120 credits programmes.