Work-Based Learning Board

Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited (WBL) is a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga, led by Chief Executive Toby Beaglehole. There are currently several separately branded business divisions Competenz, Connexis, BCITO, MITOService IQ, Careerforce, HITO  and Primary ITO all headed by a divisional Director. 

2022 Meetings

The following dates have been set down for the 2022 meetings. The time and venue will be updated at least two weeks prior to each meeting.

22 February 12:30pm Virtual Agenda
24 March 12:30pm Virtual Agenda
29 April 12:30pm  Virtual Agenda
25 May 12:30pm  Auckland and virtual Agenda
22 June 12:30pm  Auckland and virtual Agenda
29 July 12:30pm  Wellington and virtual Agenda
24 August 12:30pm  Auckland and virtual Agenda
28 September 12:30pm  Auckland and virtual Agenda
26 October 12:30pm  Auckland and virtual Agenda
30 November 12:30pm  TBC  
December TBC TBC  

Previous meetings

2021 meetings

23 August 12.30pm Online Download agenda
29 September 12.30pm Online Download agenda
27 October 12.30pm Online Download agenda
25 November 12.30pm Online Download agenda
13 December 9.00am Online Download agenda

Work-Based Learning Board members

John Brockies

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Andrea McLeod

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Andrew Clearwater

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Brian Warren

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Bruce Robertson

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Bryn Thompson

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Craig Stinson

Craig Stinson

Grant Florence

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Maryann Geddes

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Mike King

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Murray Strong

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Rick Powdrell

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Vanessa Eparaima

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