Ākonga Māori

— Māori learners

As your world changes, learning needs to fit around you, your whānau and your work. Te Pūkenga helps you learn in a way that suits your life – on campus, on-the-job or online – while enhancing your mana and success.

Te Pūkenga in practice

Learning with us is future-focused, relevant, real world, globally recognised, culturally inclusive, personalised and practical. It’s about the right skills you’ll need to walk into a great job and give back to your whānau and community.

  1. Enhance your mana

    Learn and grow with us but still hold on to your reo and tikanga. Bring who you are as Māori, and what it means to be Māori, and get the skills you need to find well-paid mahi.

  2. Tautoko your community

    Transform yourself, your whānau and your entire iwi. Learn to harness your new skills to build a better future for everyone and make your tīpuna proud. It’s part of our plan to support all learners and their whānau to thrive.

  3. Support for ākonga Māori

    Work within a learning community of open-minded industry experts. From the diverse to the disabled, our kaimahi will connect with you, your community, your culture.

  4. Know that you deserve to be here

    You have a culture to be proud of, and we’re here to help you connect with it. Grow into the role model you want to be for your younger brothers, sisters and cousins.

What can you expect from Te Pūkenga?

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Career-focused vocational education centred around you

We focus on giving our learners the skills and confidence they need in the real world. Our kaiako are industry experts while local employers work with us to build our programmes. Work on practical challenges on campus, on-the-job or online.
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Growing ākonga with diverse needs into thriving workforces

We experiment with new ways to deliver training to make sure all learners get the tautoko they need. As an ākonga at Te Pūkenga, you’ll adopt an innovation mindset and push yourself beyond your limits. The skills you’ll learn here are the foundation for a long and successful career.
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Better outcomes for learners, communities and employers

When you learn with us, you’ll get the skills to build a better life. You’ll apply everything you learn with us to make your whānau and community stronger, inspiring younger generations to do the same.

“Your purpose comes from within. Nurtured with mātauranga and opportunity. Te Pūkenga learning experiences will help you become who you really are.”

Have a question?

What is the Reform of Vocational Education?

The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) aims to create a strong, unified vocational education and training system that is fit for the future of work and delivers the skills that learners, employers, and communities need to thrive.

It includes seven key changes, one of which is the creation of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.

The new system puts learners back at the centre and it will have a stronger focus on employers: delivering the skills they need, providing more support for those in work-based training, and ensuring greater consistency in vocational learning across the country. 

Learners will receive more support while they are training, and their knowledge and skills will be more relevant to what industry needs. They will be able to move more easily between regions and between on-the-job, on campus, and online training.

The changes reflect the Government’s commitment to Māori-Crown partnership.

How will the changes affect current ākonga (learners)?

Learners will still be able to complete their qualifications through their chosen provider, and the provider’s name on qualifications will stay the same. They will be able to enrol in another course, including courses that last for more than one year. 

Support services will stay the same, fees will stay the same and learners’ relationships with organisations such as StudyLink will stay the same. 

How will the changes affect ākonga in the future?

As the changes are introduced, learners will have more access to high-quality learning in the workplace as well as on campus, as well as:

  • it will become easier to move between learning in the workplace, on campus and online. 
  • it will also be easier to transfer to another part of New Zealand to learn, without it affecting the qualifications learners are training for. 
  • industries will be more involved in setting the standards for what learners study, to make sure they gain the relevant skills that employers want. 
  • there will also be more support to help learners achieve their goals.
  • people living in remote parts of New Zealand will have more opportunities to learn online. 
How will the changes affect employers in the future?

The Reform of Vocational Education aims to help employers hire people who are well-trained and ready for work – and to get people into work more quickly.

Under the changes, apprenticeships and on-the-job training will continue to be a priority. They will not be replaced by on campus learning.

Industry and employees will have greater influence over the courses and training offered, to ensure learners gain the right skills for the right jobs.

Six industry-governed Workplace Development Councils (WDCs) have been created to give industry a strong leadership role in vocational education and training.

The councils’ responsibilities will include giving investment advice, identifying current and future skills needs, developing qualifications, and setting standards.

Regions will also be given more say in planning for the work skills they need.

The transition and integration of many different parts to a new cohesive system will be gradual and carefully managed.